Non-Member Private School Students

In order to be eligible to participate in athletics a non-member private school student must submit the following documentation prior to the first day of participation in the sport they want to participate as well as meet the listed eligibility criteria.

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From the FHSAA handbook  Non-member Private School Students. A student who attends a private school shall be eligible to participate in an interscholastic or intrascholastic sport at a public high school, a public middle school, or a combination public school that the student is zoned to attend or the public school the student could choose to attend according to the controlled open enrollment provisions pursuant to § 1002.31, F.S., provided: (HB 1109 & § 1006.15(8), F.S.)

(a) The private school in which the student is enrolled is not a member of the FHSAA; and

(b) The private school does not offer the sport in which the student wishes to participate: and

(c) The private school enrollment consists of 125 students or fewer.  Non-member Private School Student Requirements. To participate in interscholastic athletics, a non-member private school student must: (§ 1006.15(8), F.S.)

(a) make all student records, including, but not limited to, academic, financial, disciplinary, and attendance records, available upon request of the FHSAA; and

(b) meet the minimum grade point average standards that are required of all students; and

(c) meet the same residency requirements as other students in the school at which he/she participates; and

(d) meet the same standards of acceptance, behavior and performance that are required of other students in interscholastic athletics; and

(e) register with the school his/her intent to participate in interscholastic athletics as a representative of the school on or before the beginning date of the season for the sport in which he/she wishes to participate; and

(f) meet all other FHSAA eligibility requirements; and

(g) must be registered with the FHSAA Office each year using a form provided by the Association.

16.6  Non-Traditional Student Participation at Member Schools  Non-Member Private School Students. The student must attend a non-FHSAA member private school consisting of 125 students or fewer attending the private school in the equivalent grade levels (i.e. 6-12, 7-12, 9-12, etc.) of the public school at which the student wishes to participate and does not offer the sport(s) in which the student wishes to participate. Completion of an EL12 Form (Registration Form for Non-Member Private School Students) is required.

16.6.2  Requirements for Participation. A Non-Traditional student is eligible to participate provided:

(a) the student meets the same residency requirements as other students in the school at which he/ she participates or as pursuant to § 1002.31, F.S.; and

(b) the student meets the same standards of acceptance, behavior and performance as required of other students in extracurricular activities; and

(c) the student registers with the school his/her intent to participate in interscholastic athletic competition as a representative of the school before participation (note, for the purposes of registering intent ONLY, the beginning of the sport season shall be the first day the student participates in the sport); and

(d) the student complies with all FHSAA regulations, including eligibility requirements regarding age and limits of eligibility, and local school regulations during the time of participation; and

(e) the student must not have been recruited to participate for the member school for athletic reasons by any individual or agency, whether or not associated with the school’s athletic interest, or selected or placed in the school on any basis related to his/her athletic interests or abilities, and as outlined in Policy 36. The student must complete and submit a GA4 Form with the school before the student added to a roster and allowed to participate in an interscholastic contest; and

(f) the student provides proof of basic medical insurance coverage and both independently secured catastrophic insurance coverage and liability insurance coverage which names the FHSAA as an insured party in the event the school’s insurance provider does not extend coverage to such students; and

(g) the student provides his/her own transportation to and from the school; and

(h) the student provides to school authorities all required forms and provisions.

16.7  Registration of Non-Traditional Students

16.7.1  Non-Traditional Student Defined. Non-traditional Students are students that are not enrolled in and physical attend the school at which they participate, including, but not limited to; Home Education Students as per Bylaw, Charter School Students as per Bylaw, Special School Students as per Bylaw, Non-Member Private School Students as per Bylaw and Florida Virtual School-Full Time Public Program Students (FLVS-FT) as per Bylaw

16.7.2  Student Registration Process. The student must register with the school by completing and submitting the EL2, EL3, GA4, EL7 (if applicable, including the EL7V), EL12 (if applicable, including the EL12V) and EL14 (if applicable).   Returning Non-Traditional Students. A student who has previously registered intent for a sport or sports by submitting a GA4 and an EL7 (if applicable) or EL12 (if applicable) and an EL14 (if applicable) to participate for a member school and is going to continue to participate for that school in the sport or sports in which he/she originally registered intent need only submit the EL2 and EL3 forms, as well as an official transcript or grade report, whichever is applicable, for subsequent school years.  Non-Member Private School Student Exception. A non-member private school student must provide the school each year with a completed and signed EL12V Form.