Multiple Teams · Football Off-Season Conditioning

Off season conditioning workouts start on Monday Nov. 30th at 3pm and are held 3-4:30pm.  They are mandatory.  New and existing members will need to communicate with Coach Higgs if you are currently participating in another sport/club/activity.  This participation will help you obtain the necessary point total for participation in the spring/fall seasons (This change will be explained and posted for you to understand)!  Points will be earned and required to have good standing on the football team and you will earn many of those points through workouts!   Arrangements for you to attend can be made (Individualized plans may be made so you can meet the requirements of both sports/clubs activities).

A physical will need to be on file here at campus. The link to follow is below for clearance.

Participation may start one you are cleared and a physical is on file.

To be fully prepared (necessary to earn the points) below is required for existing and new team members….

Be On time with…

A Screenshot/or paper copy of your existing GPA and current grades this semester

Dressed in athletic sneakers, shirts, shorts, and mask

Have cleats and an extra shirt

Have own water bottle

Have your ride ready no later than 4:45

Workouts will be Mondays’, Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s.

Awards, encouragement, team building and of course competition will be embedded in our off-season program.

Thank you helping us Renew the U!

Coach Higgs